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We want our Management Trainees to hit the ground running by giving them real projects to deliver and providing them with the opportunities to develop specific technical program skills. You will work with technology experts across the globe, learn on the job and be supported through a variety of training opportunities to give you the right skills and experience.


Product  Owner

Product Owner_green.png

Product Owner

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Software Development_green.png

Software Development

Software Development_grey.png

Software Development


Data Scientist


Data Scientist





One day you could be redesigning the grocery home shopping website, and another working on our new checkout systems or responding to urgent technology challenges. Technology continues to change the face of retail and ours leads the way.

- Engage with my stakeholders to formulate the strategy and long-term roadmap for my product and execute it well by constantly managing my stakeholders expectations, working through dependencies across multiple products/ teams.

- Understand key user personas, customers & stakeholders for my product and their pain points really well.

- Understand and demonstrate all of the features of my product to different audiences within and outside of my immediate product team.

- Help the team in breaking down a complex piece of work/ epic into smaller, deliverable chunks of value that can be delivered faster.

- Solve problems and develop new features through quality, scalable, performant and maintainable technical solutions.

- Practice on modern engineering and web or mobile development tooling and technologies to improve the customer experience.

- Obtain, explore and modelling data by blending algorithms and a scientific mindset to support and automate decision making across the business.

- Engage in the mission to develop AI and OR infused Data Products that are deployed to millions of customers and colleagues nationwide.

- Develop and run security day to day process for Tesco Thailand and Malaysia.

- Propose plan to step change security capability to further enhance the protection and controls that we offer for our customers and colleagues.

- Identify latest technology to increase visibility and protection of systems, services and data.


  1. Business Acumen

  2. Programming/ Application Development

  3. Project Management

  4. Analytics/ Business Intelligence

  5. Communication skills

  6. Innovation

  7. Agility

  8. Active Learner

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