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Supply Chain

Our function goal is to get thousands of products from factories and farms around the world to the shelf edge (virtual and physical) so that we can satisfy millions of customers every week – simply put: right product, right place, and right time. 


Category Management

Category Management_green.png
Category Management_Grey.png

Category Management

Setting and Ordering_green.png

Setting and Ordering

Setting and Ordering_grey.png

Setting and Ordering

Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chain Transformation_green.png

Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chain Transformation_grey.png
capacity and_dc network_green.png

Capacity and 

DC Networking

capacity and_dc network_grey.png

Capacity and

DC Networking

An opportunity for our Management Trainees to challenge in a highly complex of logistics challenge in a highly complex of logistics and supply chain management. Our industry-leading reputation has been built on data. We know how deep and far reaching our impact can be so we are our own biggest critics in testing, trialling and analyzing everything that we do.

- Manage and use the forecast and ordering system to order the correct stock at the right time so that customers can get what they want and we can improve customer service level (CSL) to be in line with the company target

- Work on Simplification and Process Improvement

- Collaborate with Product team to find seasonal product to sell in Store by ensuring the right number of product availability

- Identify customer behavior, marketing trend and seasonal profile, which impacting sales and ordering replenishment.

- Prepared action plan to improve availability and stock holding in stores and distribution centers while balancing workload in 6 distribution centers.

- Monitor inventory movement, analyze and provide insight on the root cause of problem and propose practical solution to business.

- Take ownership of Transformation projects in specific area.

- Provide analysis and insight view about ordering to support business decision on balanced delivery to stores.

- Participate in project team to support seasonal activities by capacity planning.


  1. Systematic & Analytical thinking

  2. Passion in Numbers

  3. Project Management and Improvement

  4. Planning and Forecasting

  5. Problem Solving

  6. Customer Focus (Insight and Foresight)

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