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The program is set for you to understand how our customers like to shop now, and in the future. It is really important to us that we create a working environment, both in the office and our stores, that truly inspires colleagues to get on and be at their best. This could be working in a number of different teams from engineering and property construction to property  research where we use data and insight to help inform the business in making better decisions about where to invest money.


Property Research

Property Research_green.png

Property Research

Property Research_grey.png

Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition_green.png

Property Acquisition

Property Acquisition_grey.png
Property Services_green.png

Property Services

Property Services_grey.png

Property Services

Mall Operation_green.png

Mall Operation

Mall Operation_grey.png

Mall Operation

Everything we do is aimed at delivering more outstanding stores for our customers. It’s a chance for you to have 360 degrees of real estate management.


  1. Business Acumen

  2. Knowledge and Interest in Property Development

  3. Cost Analysis and Budget Management

  4. Project Management

  5. Feasibility and Finance

  6. Property Law and Regulations

  7. Research, Report and Presentation

  8. Communication Skills

  9. Negotiation and Problem Solving

- Identify store expansion strategy through local knowledge and mapping analysis.

- Visit and assess sites using provided tools to plan, analyse, and explore store catchment. Provide solid judgement where best location is.

- Justify sales forecast through local understanding, trade analysis, and risk assessment considering change in customers behavior over time.

- Review new store performance and track competitors movement as well as customer trends.

- Acquire new land to open new store both small and large formats.

- Analyze site costs based on market transaction, valuation and comparison among other Tesco stores and negotiate site cost to achieve the best property deal.

- Gain intensive learning for permit submission process and property tax.

- Develop financial projections and market analysis as well as a sound recommendation.

- Propose the best layout to refresh stores in order to deliver financial returns to the business.

- Ensure that project cash flow, store budget and construction timeline delivered as plan.

- Measure the actual performance compared to approved proposals to make better accuracy in the future proposals.

- Deliver good choices, good shopping environment and good shopping satisfaction to customers by recruiting right tenants and arranging appropriate tenant mix to serve customers’ needs in each location.

- Review and adjust Mall Proposition to meet the right customer target.

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