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We strive to give our customers what they want, when they want it. Our 2-year programme will give you a breadth of experience into different areas of the Product team. No two days will be the same, one day you could be negotiating costs and selling, and another strategic planning and visiting supplier’s factories.










Trade Plan_green.png

Trade Plan

Trade Plan_grey.png

Trade Plan

There will also be the opportunity to experience our different store formats and test new products with our Product Developers to decide the next trend we should go after. It's really rewarding to make an impact at such a large scale.


  1. Entrepreneurial (Profit/Loss)

  2. Planning and Forecasting (Inventory and Finance)

  3. Negotiation/ Persuasive

  4. Customer Focus (Insight and Foresight)

  5. Problem Solving

  6. Innovative (Product Development)

- Ensure my responsible product categories have long-term led plan to build customer loyalty.

- Deliver daily, weekly and monthly targets of sales, profits and inventory.

- Negotiate with suppliers, support supplier performance, identify opportunity for new suppliers as well as build long-term supplier relationships.

- Develop new products and improve the valued for money of existing products.

- Manage technical process to meet the standard of product safety and quality.

- Minimize using of plastic packaging by providing total solutions to replace with environmental friendly package.

- Track performance of product sales and propose promotions in alignment with business strategy e.g. health & wellness.

- Highly collaborate with various stakeholders to execute effective trade plan.

- Analyze data of trade promotions to prioritize offers to meet customer expectations.

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