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Corporate Affairs

Make sure every single person who comes into contact with Tesco has a positive experience. This goes for colleagues, customers and communities as a whole. We believe that it’s no longer just price, quality and convenience that matter customers also want to know exactly what Tesco stands for, and how we have a positive impact on local communities. So we’re here to tell the Tesco story in a new more compelling and relevant way.


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Corporate Communication

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Corporate Communication

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Community Support

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Community Support

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Sustainability Development

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Sustainability Development

Our Campaigns team recently managed Tesco Lotus’s presence at the national agriculture shows as part of our Local Sourcing campaign. Across communications, we have a number of teams who make sure that we are talking to our stakeholders at the right time, in the right way and covering the issues that matter most to them.

- Analyze data and information to develop key sustainability campaigns for example food donation, plastic recycle, etc.

- Engage other relevant departments to drive projects from all store formats.

- Plan and execute a communications campaign to promote awareness about food waste, using a variety of media.

- Plan and support the annual CEO’s press briefing.

- Support direct sourcing project from farmers groups and/or local operators by working closely with Product and Quality teams.

- Develop and drive Thai scholarships project to meet the right target.

- Seek opportunity to provide support to local communities for management decision.

- Create new or improvement plan to support quality of product and sustainability model of the business.

- Build impactful launch or activity to execute tangible outcome.

- Drive any related matters to business direction.


  1. Project Management

  2. Communication

  3. Creativity

  4. Stakeholder Relationship

  5. Management

  6. Strategic Planning

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